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Author - VMS Virtual Media Solutions

How to Win Paypal Chargebacks When Selling Beats Online


What’s good music producers, it’s Curtiss King of here today to explain to you, how to win those pesky chargebacks on PayPal. Huh? Let’s talk about it. Music producers, let’s talk about PayPal chargebacks, disputes, claims. There’s…

myFlashStore is now Airbit


myFlashStore is now Airbit Annoucement by Wasim April 18, 2017: In 2009 we coined the name myFlashStore because it stood for everything we were doing at the time. We created the first ever beat store for producers, made…

Now selling premade Beatstars Pro Page 2.0 Layouts


NEW Premade Beatstars Pro Page 2.0 Layouts by XLay for your Beatstars html5 digital production marketplace website. More than 50 hot Desgins for sale. Affordable and fast turnaround. BROWSE ALL PREMADE BEATSTARS PRO PAGE 2.0 LAYOUTS HERE Make…

New mobile ready Soundclick MP3 Player


New mobile ready Soundclick MP3 Player finally released. From now on Visitors will be able to play your Beats on their Mobile Phone or Tablet by looking at your Soundclick Page Desktop Version. If you would like to…

Switched from MyFlashStore to BeatStars?


In the last few weeks we’ ve had several inquiries from Producers who switched from MyFlashStore to BeatStars and wanted their instant Beat Store to be replaced. So we decided to make it easier for you to send…

Embedded Youtube Video doesn’t show up anymore.


More and more are asking why the latest Youtube Video doesn’t show up anymore. The reason is an outdated code used by Soundclick to embed Videos from Youtube. This Code is using the <object> tag for flash widgets,…

Premade Audio Visualizers now available!


The new Premade Audio Visualizers for your Song or Beat Videopromotion on YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram or other Video services are now available on This Visualizers include your Artist or Producer Name, the Beat Name (Title) a purchase…

WordPress Theme #001 released on VMS!


Our first WordPress Theme made for Producers using a HTML5 Store like Myflashstore or Beatstars has been released on One Page WordPress Theme made for Producers selling Beats via MyFlashStore, BeatStars, etc. with a responsive Design ready…

Free Soundclick Layout Photoshop Template

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Use this Template to create your very own Soundclick Layout Design and submit it to if you want to sell it! Download Premade Soundclick Layout Template

Sell your Layout on XLay


Got a Layout Idea and want to sell it as a premade Soundclick Layout on XLay? Fill out the Form here and send us your Design Idea as a layered .psd Photoshop File. As soon as your Layout…

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