More and more are asking why the latest Youtube Video doesn’t show up anymore.
The reason is an outdated code used by Soundclick to embed Videos from Youtube. This Code is using the <object> tag for flash widgets, which are not supported anymore by a lot of common browsers right now.

The deprecation of the YouTube JavaScript Player API was announced on January 27, 2015.
YouTube Flash <object> embeds have also been deprecated. See the deprecation policy for more information.
Please migrate your applications to the IFrame API, which can intelligently use whichever embedded player – HTML (<video>) or Flash (<object>) – the client supports.
We hope Soundclick will move from Flash to HTML5 very soon, to solve this and some other problems.

Update Aug 20. 2016

Soundclick changed their embedded Youtube Video Player to a HTML5 Version.
On some Layouts we’ve installed, the size of the Player is maybe too small now. Feel free to contact us with your order number, if this needs to be fixed.