myFlashStore is now Airbit Annoucement by Wasim April 18, 2017:

In 2009 we coined the name myFlashStore because it stood for everything we were doing at the time. We created the first ever beat store for producers, made entirely using Flash. What we created revolutionised the online beat industry in ways not even we predicted would happen.

Since then, much has changed. We created the best and most widely used HTML5 beat store online, using the latest web technologies and mobile compatibility. Flash as an online technology has now seen it’s better days and it’s now seeing out it’s slow journey to the deathbed.

Not only has the technology changed, but with our ever-growing marketplace and additional services, we now provide much more than just a beat store. We’re a fully fledged platform for buying and selling music online, and we’re only getting bigger…and better.

So with the name myFlashStore being closely tied to an old technology, and restrictive in it’s meaning, something had to change. After months of deliberation we came up with the perfect name.

myFlashStore is now Airbit Logo Black

Airbit stands for everything we are and everywhere we want to be. Airbit represents the digital audio revolution and paves the way for a more exciting future.


Our core service has not, and will not change, we will still be the service you know and love. Airbit will still be the #1 platform for producers to sell their beats. We’ll still have the most powerful and popular beat store on the market, and we’ll still have all the existing features you enjoyed with myFlashStore.

Our commitment to improving the platform isn’t changing one bit. We’re here to stay.


Along with a new brand, and a new look, we’ve pumped a huge number of new features into this update!

See The Features We’ve Added

We hope you love what we’ve done, and don’t forget…

This is just the beginning