BeatStars (Pro Page 2) Layout #067


New BeatStars Pro Page 2.0 premade Layout.

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BeatStars (Pro Page 2) Layout 067

BeatStars (Pro Page 2) Layout 067 Main Features:

+ Small textbased premade Logo
+ Header Graphic including premade Logo
+ Header Graphic for Mobile Version
+ Background Image for Youtube Section
+ Background Image for Section Headers ( Sub-Pages )
+ Favicon Image


BeatStars (Pro Page 2) Layout 067 with a stylish blue and red (can be changed to any other color) combination Design. All Buttons and Highlights inlcuding the Licensing Information Boxes in this color. A textbased premade Logo comes with the Layout as the favicon icon, navigation Logo and Logo for the Header Graphic. The blue midi keyboard background is used for the Youtube Section Background and Sub Pages Header Section.

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