Replace Myflashstore with BeatStars

This Addon will replace your current Myflashstore Flash Widget with a BeatStars Blaze Flash Player on your Layout.
Please follow the steps on the bottom of the Page to get your Player embed Codes.


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    *Upload Player Embed Codes
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To replace the MyFlashstore and install the BeatStars Player on your Layout we will need both type of widget codes ( HTML5 and Flash ).


Step 1. Open and edit or create a new Blaze [Flash] Player.

BeatStars Blaze [FLASH] Player embed Code


Step 2. Setup Player and make sure Auto-Play First Track is off. Update settings and copy paste both code parts to your Notepad/Texteditor.

Blaze [FLASH] Player Stores Codes


Step 3. Click on General Embed Tab and copy paste the HTML5 Code to your Notepad/Texteditor.

Copy paste Blaze [HTML5] Player Stores Codes


Step 4. Upload & send the Codes.


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