Soundclick Layout #057

XLay’s new fluid width and max. customization Layout.


  • less images & better coding for fast loading
  • better look on mobile devices
  • flexible to fit all desktop screens
  • scale down to 670px screen width
  • change the highlight color (default purple) to any other
  • choose a header image and optional upload your own Logo to it
  • choose a background image or upload your own

Available Content:
· Header Image with 2 Buttons
· MP3 Player
· News Box (update via BandAdmin – News)
· Instant Store incl. Instructions and Mobile Link
· Paypal Checkout (Manual Store)
. 4 textbased Licensing Terms/Info Boxes
. Contact Form
· Mailing List Signup Form
· Connect Buttons
· Youtube Video (update via BandAdmin – Videos)
· Innovative Extended Catalog


$29.99 $24.99

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Soundclick Layout 057

Premade Soundclick Layout 057 Main Features:

+ Header with Text Logo and 2 Buttons
+ News Box (update via Band Admin)
+ Instant Beat Store including Instructions and Mobile Link
+ 4 Licensing Info Boxes
+ Manual Paypal Checkout
+ Mailing List Sign Up
+ Youtube Video Box (update via Band Admin)
+ new innovative extended Catalog

Customize the Layout with available options like choosing one out of the different premade Background Images, Header Images and Logos. Or upload your own Background Image or Logo. Set a highlight Color of your choice, defaul is purple. This Layout is using just a few Images and innovative coding to make the page loading times as fast as possible with Soundclick. Also the page can be resized down to a width of 670 pixels, which will make it very flexible on Desktop Screens and even look good on mobile Devices!
At the top of the Layout you will find the Page View and Song Plays Stats. The Header contains the premade textbased Logo a “Shop Now” and a “Mobile Store” Button. Below you will find the Soundclick MP3 Player and News Box, which can be updated via the Soundclick Band Admin aswell. The Instant Beat Store includes “How to Purchase” Intructions and a Enter Mobile Version Link. Next you will find the Paypal manual Checkout and the Licensing Informations with 4 textbased Boxes. The Contact Form will let your Visitors contact you right from the Page. Or they can hit the Email Button below at the Social Links. The Latest Youtube Video Box can be updated via your Band Admin at any time. The extended Production Catalog has been redesigned to a new innovative look with new Buttons and animations. By the way, also the content arrangement can be changed easy and not needed things can be deleted in no time.


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