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Soundclick version 4 has been released on May 18th 2018 with cool new features and changes.
But also changes to the layout part, the CSS is a bit different than before and pages with the old CSS will be phased out by the end of the year.
This means within the next couple of months all current VIP pages should move to the new CSS, which we are working on.
On this page we will keep you posted on any update.

Until the old CSS version 3 will be phased out, you can use either the old version or the new version of Soundclick, but not both.
This will cause a problem for people who are looking at your old page, when you are using the new version. The CSS for this does not work anymore and your page will show up in HTML only. To get people switching to the new version we created a banner you may want to add to your old versions html ( Edit Page – Interview ) by adding the code below.


<center><a href="#navsubMusic" title="Switch to new Version" ><img src="http://vms.vision/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/new-version-info.jpg" width="100%" /></a></center>

September 2nd 2018: We finally released our first premade Soundclick Layout designed specially for the new Soundclick Version 4. Premade Soundclick Layout #068 comes with many features and is using the new Version 4 components.


July 24th 2018: The Twitter script has been added to the new Pages by Soundclick, so the Twitter Feed on some of our Layouts will now work again.


July 10th 2018: With Soundclick Version 4 we will use the Tagline box on your Artist/band administration to replace the old News box or for Discount Info Texts on your Layout depending on the Layout.


May 25th 2018: Soundclicks drag-and-drop positioning with modules will no longer be available with version 4. Therefore we will need to redesign some of our premade Layouts. The affected Layouts are #060, #059, #058, #055 and #054. They are listed as “out of stock” until we finished the redesign.


May 19th 2018: New purchased premade and custom Soundclick Layouts will be installed for version 4. Old version 3 Layouts will be updated to version 4 by request. Please contact us with your order number.


May 18th 2018: We are now listed as a trusted partner on soundclick.


May 18th 2018: Customers can now allow us designers limited access to their accounts. That means you don’t have to share your full login information anymore, but send a simple limited login URL. This URL lets us access your Pro page section only, so we can only edit the CSS and upload pictures. Sensitive login data from you is no longer needed.


May 18th 2018: Soundclick Version 4 is live.