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Soundclick: Yes, please make sure you got a VIP Band Account on Soundclick.
We cannot install any Layouts unless you have purchased VIP from Soundclick, the basic Profile doesn’t allow custom Designs.

Beatstars Pro Page: Please make sure you have a BeatStars Account with a Pro Page before any Layout order!

Beatstars Pro Page 2.0: Please make sure you have an UNLIMITED Account on Beatstars with Pro Page 2.0 before purchasing this Layout!
Also PayPal API Credentials must be added to your Beatstars account, they are required for Pro Page 2.0!

The turnaround time on your Layout order with XLay starts when you’ve paid in full and we have all information required to complete your order.
Delay in receipt of any of this info could result in production delays.

Most premade Layouts can be completed within a few hours, after receiving payment, all necessary information and when choosing
Express Delivery (max. 24 Hours turnaround time on Monday – Friday) at the Layout Addons Tab.

Orders must be paid in full before the order begins unless otherwise approved by XLay.
If you pay via echeck, the turn around time clock on your order will not begin until your check clears.


Soundclick: Our normal current turnaround time on premade Soundclick Layouts and Addons is within 48 Hours (Monday – Friday). Express Delivery available.
Complex orders/Addons may increase turnaround.

Custom Soundclick Layouts turnaround time depends on the package, but normally within 3 business days (Monday – Friday).

Beatstars Pro Page: Our turnaround time on premade Beatstars Pro Page Layouts is within 48 Hours (Monday – Friday).

Beatstars Pro Page 2.0: Our turnaround time on premade Beatstars Pro Page 2.0 Layouts is within 48 Hours (Monday – Friday). Express Delivery available.

Find a Layout at our Start Page or Product Catalog and click on the Image or Title to enter the Product Page. Fill out the Informations Form with all needed Informations we need to install your Layout. Click the Add to Cart Button. Enter the Checkout Page and pay securly via Paypal.

As soon as your Layout has been installed you will receive a Notification Email to the Email Adress you have purchased with.


Soundclick: To install the Layout for you (HTML and CSS codes, Page Modules setup, Mailinglist Form setup..).

Beatstars: To add your Layout Images, setup the Color codes, Fonts etc.

Tipp: Before you order change your Password to xlay for the time of install if you don’t like to give out your original Password.

It’s the HTML code you’ll get from when creating a Buy Now button. Just copy paste this code to your Texteditor or Wordpad Program, save and upload the file.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. On the button creation page, select the “Buy Now” button option to start creating your button.
2. In the “Item name” box, enter the name of the item you want to sell, such as “Beat Check-out” or “Beat Store”.



3. Choose your currency. By default it is set to USD.



4. “Add drop down menu with price/option”. If your item has a different price for each option (depending on license/rights.) check this box to set up your prices for each option.

Enter the name of your drop-down menu – it should be a description of the kind of options available, such as “License Options, Purchase Options, etc”.
Enter your options and the prices for each one.There are three options available by default – if you need more, click “Add another option,” up to a maximum of 10. If you need to remove one, click “Remove option” to remove the bottom option from the list.

When you have finished adding your options click “Done” to apply these settings to your button. The example button on the right side will update to show you how your button will look to your customers.



5. “Add text field”. If you want to allow your customers to include Beat Names or Numbers, check the box next to “Add text field”.
The name of the field can only be 30 characters long, so you will want to use something simple but descriptive such as “Beat Names”, “Enter Beat Name” or “Enter Beat Number”.

When you are finished, click “Done”. The example button on the right side will update to show you how your button will look to your customers.



6. Click “Create Button” to save your button and generate the code.



7. You will need to copy the code in order to place it to a text document. Click “Select Code” underneath the box containing the HTML. This will highlight all of the HTML for you.
Simply copy / paste this code to a text document, save the file and upload it to the needed Layout Informations Form.

To install the Myflashstore Widget on your Layout (if available) we will need the Flash embed Code.

Step 1. Open and edit or create the Flash Player.

Flash Beat Store Embed Code

Step 2. Copy paste both Codes ( HTML and CSS ) to a Texteditor, save and upload the file.

To install the BeatStars Widget on your Layout (if available) we will need both type of widget codes ( HTML5 and Flash ).


Step 1. Open and edit or create a new Blaze [Flash] Player.

BeatStars Blaze [FLASH] Player embed Code


Step 2. Setup Player and make sure Auto-Play First Track is off. Update settings and copy paste both code parts to your Notepad/Texteditor.

Blaze [FLASH] Player Stores Codes


Step 3. Click on General Embed Tab and copy paste the HTML5 Code to your Notepad/Texteditor.

Copy paste Blaze [HTML5] Player Stores Codes


Step 4. Upload & send the Codes.


Soundclick FAQ How To VIP Band Page

Please make sure you are looking at your Soundclick Band Page and not the Member Profile. Also may try to reload your Page a few times to get the old one out of the Browser Cache.

To update your Paypal Button please only replace/update the red highlighted areas. Do not replace/update the whole paypal code!

If you are updating the previous used button at paypal, the first part (ID of letters and numbers) will stay the same. Normaly you will only need to change the highlighted options part.


Option A: (via BandAdmin) Login to your Soundclick Band Account and open Edit PageVideos and follow the instructions.

Option B: (via HTML at the Interview) Login to your Soundclick Band Account and open Edit PageInterview and follow the instructions at the image below.


If you want to update your scrolling News Text: Login to your Interview Section (Band Admin – Edit Page – Interview) where you will find the HTML part of your Layout.Search (CTRL + F) for the actual News Text which is visible on your Page. You can change this Text to anything you like.

If you want to update your News Box: Login to your Band Admin and go to Edit Page – Settings.

Go to to create your new Widget. Open your Soundclick Band Admin – Edit Page – Interview.
Copy/paste the new code and remove the script code before saving.


You can add or edit the content via HTML at the Soundclick Band Admin.
You should know HTML and CSS coding for this. If you don’t know how to do that, we recommend to give us all the Informations and Links with your Order.
Also some edits may require changes on the Graphics which can be made with Photoshop (Note: we do not send out Layout .psd files!).
All later updates and changes made by us will cost an additional small fee.

This issue could be caused by a connection problem to the Server or Database of Beatstars / Airbit. Please contact Beatstars Support or Airbit Support if this problem remains for a longer time.

If the Widget doesn’t show up at all please make sure your Browsers Adobe Flash Player is up to date.


Beastars FAQ How To Pro Page

Our Pro Page 2.0 version will now require PayPal API credentials from our members.  To setup your PayPal API credentials, please visit the following link while logged into your BeatStars account and provide all of the required information.

Payment Accounts

IMPORTANT:  If you need help retrieving this information, please visit the following link for directions from PayPal.  If you have a personal PayPal account, you will need to upgrade it to a PayPal Business account and follow the steps in the link below.

How do I request API Signature/Certificate credentials?

To link your YouTube channel to your Pro Page, please see the following steps.
1.  Log into your BeatStars account.
2.  Click the drop-down arrow at the top right of the page located just to the left of your user image.
3.  Next go to “My Profile”.  (see screenshot)

4.  Scroll down to the bottom left and click on the “Add Links to your Social Networking Sites” button.  (see screenshot)


5.  Add your official YouTube Username or YouTube Channel ID in the “YouTube:” field.  (see screenshot)

IMPORTANT:  Please enter your official YouTube Username or YouTube Chanel ID only i.e. OfficialBeatStars or UCcFDbiinqhftr4nYWi5ksvQ


IMPORTANT:  Please note that it can take time for the system to refresh and populate the actual data on your Pro Page 2.0 homepage.

If you wish to feature a video from your personal YouTube channel, please follow the instructions in the following article first How do I link my YouTube channel to my Pro Page?.  Upon doing so, you may then follow the steps below.

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next visit the following section within your BeatStars account Videos

3.  Then click the “Connect Your YouTube Account” button (if not connected already)

4.  Next click the “Import My Videos” button.  (see screenshot)


5.  Then check the video(s) you wish to import and click the “Import All Selected Videos” button.  (see screenshot)


6.  You can then edit any metadata for the video(s) and click “Publish Videos”.  (see screenshot)


7.  Once your videos are imported, please hover over the video you wish to feature and click the star icon at the top left corner.  (see screenshot)


IMPORTANT:  You may need to clear your browser’s cache/cookies, close your browser, and re-open your Pro Page in order to see the changes take effect.

To feature a track on the homepage of your Pro Page, please follow the instructions below.

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Go to

3.  Click the star icon to the left of the track you wish to feature.  (see screenshot)


NOTE:  Once a track is featured, you can check the star icon again to un-feature the associated track.

To make a specific license stand out and be featured on your Pro Page 2.0, please see the following steps.

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next navigate to your Licenses & Contracts section.

3.  Then click the “Featured” radial button to the right of the license you wish to feature.  (see screenshot)


IMPORTANT:  Please ensure the license you wish to feature is “Enabled”, otherwise it will not populate.

In order to add itemized key features for your licenses on your Pro Page 2.0 as shown in the image below, please see the following steps.

NOTE:  This feature is not applicable for Pro Page 1.0


1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next navigate to your Licenses & Contracts section.

3.  Then click “Customize” next to the license you wish to edit.

4.  Once you are in your “Customize License” page, enter your desired key features using the “License Features” field.

NOTE:  Please only use single spaces between each line.  Using double spaces will lead to your “License Features” to not show up.  (see Screenshots)

Correct Example Entry Below:



Incorrect Example Entry Below:



IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your key features match the exact license terms and information in your full contract details and that they do not conflict with any of your license information in any way.  Not doing so could lead to disputes between you and your customers.

To upload a Sound Kit, please follow the instructions below.

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Navigate to your My Media section.

3.  Then navigate to your Sound Kits section.

4.  Next click the “Upload” button.  (see screenshot)

5.  Upload the .zip or link to your Sound Kit file using the “Sound Kit File” button.  (see screenshot)

IMPORTANT:  Please ensure to upload a valid .zip file or a valid URL to your Sound Kit file.  Any invalid/corrupt files, or invalid URLs will cause issues for your customers.

6.  Fill out all required fields with your desired metadata.

NOTE:  If required metadata/assets are not provided, your Sound Kit cannot be published.  Any missing required metadata and/or assets will produce a red warning at the bottom right of the “Edit” page.

7.  Click “Save Changes”.  (see screenshot)


Below are the instructions which will allow you to setup your GoDaddy domain name as your Pro Page URL.  Please note that the option to use your own domain name as your Pro Page URL is only offered to Pro and Unlimited BeatStars members.  If your domain name service provider is not GoDaddy, please contact your domain name service provider with regards to setup instructions with 3rd party services.


1.  Go to and sign into your account.  (see screenshot)

Click the “Manage” button.  (see screenshot)

  Next click the “Settings” icon and then click “Manage DNS”.  (see screenshot)

Next find “A” type record, and then click the “Edit” icon.  (see screenshot)

Then replace “Points to” field with  (see screenshot)

NOTE:  You may change the “Seconds” to 600.  Changing the “Seconds” to 600 is optional.

Then click the “Add” link.  (see screenshot)

 Next select “CNAME” for the “Type” field and input “www” in the “Host” field.  Then input “” in the “Points to” field and click “Save”.  (see screenshot)

IMPORTANT:  If you receive “An unexpected error occurred.” during this step, this error usually occurs when users already have an existing “CNAME” with “www” as the host.  If this is the case, you will need to edit that one instead of creating a new one.

 **ONLY IF FORWARDING IS SETUP**  Click the “Edit” icon.  (see screenshot)

**ONLY IF FORWARDING IS SETUP**  Click the “Delete” icon.  (see screenshot)

7.  Lastly, log into your BeatStars account and visit the link Pro Page Setup.  You will need to input your domain name in the “Domain Name” field.  (see screenshot)

IMPORTANT:  You may need to clear your browser’s cache, close your browser, and then re-open your browser after this step in order to see your Pro Page populate correctly.

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