Soundclick launched their own “Instant Delivery Beat Store”. Sell Leasing Licenses for your beats now directly on your SoundClick Page.
Soundclick take cares of all financial aspects, SoundClick fee is 0% (Pro accounts) or 30% (free accounts).

Upload your tracks not only as mp3, but any other popular format (wav, ogg, zip file). Customers purchase and download directly on SoundClick with one-time links.

Soundclick Band Administration Page to edit and change License Types
Standardized licenses take care of any legal issues. You can offer 5 different licenses to potential licensees.
You may use less, and you may modify any of those license types at your Band Administration Page.

Customers download the licensed file in the format they purchased (mp3, wav, zip…)

Soundclick Band Administration Page to edit and add your own Sound Drum Kits

Sell your own DrumKits

You can now also sell sound kits you’ve produced. When someone purchases your sound kit, it is immediately available for download. Soundclick deduct only the PayPal transaction fee plus the SoundClick fee of 15% from the purchase price.
Sound kits you sell on SoundClick are royalty-free.
This means the buyer can produce any track they like based on your sound kit without limitations.

So you get paid only once, your work is “for hire”, and you won’t get any further payments from the buyer after the purchase.