Soundclick released their new Version 5 for October 2019. With many new features on the main Website and Charts Pages. You can play and purchase Beats right on the Charts, which looks more like a Playlist now.

The customizable Band Pages are changing and are now called “Pro Pages”, which also means your Version 4 Layout won’t be available anymore.
Those Pro Pages are now “customizable stand-alone Pages” and are not shown within the SoundClick network. Only at your stand-alone url:

The old Version will be hosted on… for a short time before being completely removed.

We at XLay will need to create totally new Layouts for this Update.

The compact MP3 Player has been replaced with a new list of Songs/Beats which will open in a new Player at the bottom of the Page.
There is a new Side Menu similar to the one we had on some of our Layouts, with your Profile Picture and Links.
The Soundclick Licensing Info Tables are now added to the Page which makes it easier to keep everything up-to-date.
A Contact Form has been added, which makes external email sending scripts unnecessary.

Soundclick Version 5 Layout Modules


You can now show/hide the content on your Page with the new Layout Modules.

We will keep you posted with our new Layouts for Soundclick Pro Pages and Landing Pages.

If you are using a Version 4 Layout from us, feel free to update your Layout to a Version 5 Pro Page right here.





Update Oct. 4th:

The social media links input boxes have been fixed by soundclick. There was an error with adding youtube and facebook links with uppercase letters and symbols.

The Artist Picture can be now in PNG format and transparent background. An option to hide the header background fader has been added to the layout list.

Also a visibility problem on the layout list has been fixed by soundclick as well.


Update Oct. 3rd:

On our request a link to the pro page has been added to the navigation on the artist pages.


Update Sep. 30th:

The CSS for the player can now be edited.


Update Sep. 29th:

The option to upload an Artist Picture has been added by soundclick.


Update Sep. 27th:

The hidden Artist Picture has been moved to the header content area as requested by us.


Update Sep. 26th:

The limit on the html and css input boxes has been fixed by soundclick.